Five great ways Nigerians can benefit from the about-to-burst tech bubbles

(Before you continue, make sure you read my first post where I talked about how my two years old daughter falls in love with an unknown Indian man! In this follow-up article, I shall be talking about how young folks like us can create innovative businesses that can transform our country and other African countries.)   After obtaining my college degree and a few months stints at Zenith Bank PLC, Nigeria, I decided to quit […]

Life Become More Meaningful When You Start Giving

 Now get this, it doesn’t matter what you give or share, be it your time, your money, skills, knowledge, advice, even smiles and attention, the important thing is – to give. This is so important because when you share what you have with others, you become a better person and your life become more meaningful. Not only are you more responsible to yourself, you are also more responsible to your society and you are helping the world. Now, […]

The Sweat, Sorrow and Sweetness of my PhD Journey

So, it’s been a long time a wrote a blog post. But I’m embarking on an interesting journey (which I’ll explain later in the next post) which I have decided to write about as I proceed. So my chain of thought may be somewhat all over the place as I write this blog post but I hope you won’t mind.   On 15th December 2014, 1800hr, I submitted my PhD dissertation to the department staff […]

Best advice for 20 something year old I’ve ever read

This is the best advice for 20 something I recently came across while reading some random articles online. It really got me thinking. Undoubtedly, these advises rank among the top tips I wished I knew when I was younger… well, never late than never. It’s a tongue in cheek graduation speech written by Marry Theresa Schimich thirty or forty years ago.  Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh never mind; you will not understand the […]

Give Your Life a Boost By Giving and Sharing

Few days ago, I was listening to John Paul Dejoria, an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products. In one of his interviews at Founders Forum organized by Inc.Com and one of the things he said that really resonated with me was about giving and sharing: Success unshared is a failure…and sharing is giving. To actually show and prove your success, giving must be […]

My Two Year Old Daughter Falls in Love with an Unknown Indian Man

It’s surprising how we sometimes find inspiration in the most unusual places. For me, it is 12,000Km away from home, usually in the middle of the night. I often tinker away on my keyboard with my little girl beside me keeping an unusual late night with me. She would occasionally laugh out hysterically to some random YouTube videos. “‘Nifemi, what’s that that’s so funny?”, I’d asked my 18months old little girl. As she couldn’t speak […]

Dear Dumb Venture Capitalist

I would say you know who you are, but by definition you don’t. After all, the average person thinks they are an above average driver. So read this to see if you meet the criteria: You don’t realize you are going out of business I don’t know the exact math, but I hear it again and again: the top 2% of firms generate 98% of the returns in venture capital. Once you’ve raised a fund […]

Email Etiquette for all Startup CEOs

There are many things CEOs care about, but arguably one of the most important things is their time. Whether they are running a Fortune 500 company or a startup company, CEOs have a lot on their plate and in a global economy every second counts. When I first entered the startup world I wrote novel-like emails to my team members. This ended in long drawn out email chains that took up a great majority of my […]

Information is Power – Confessions of a Millionaire

Information is the currency of today’s world. Those who control information are the most powerful people on the planet – and the ones with the most bulging bank accounts. The timely delivery of vital information is one of the most lucrative businesses you can have in this new millennium. I should know. I started one of the most successful information brokerage businesses in the country. I’m also perhaps the world’s  most well known information broker, […]

Academic Research is Like a Swimming Duck

Academic Research is like a swimming duck. Appearing smooth and settled on the water, but paddling furiously under the water. Nobody sees the stressful paddle but everyone gleefully admires its graceful glides on the water. Nobody sees the numerous rejection letters, the sleepless nights, and times you almost quit the race… all that matters is how you finish… remember to keep smiling through it all.