Using Drones to improve investigative journalism

Using Drones to improve investigative journalism

Drone journalism is much more than making photos and videos. Drones can be used for rigorous research methods. A lot of today’s journalism is boring and formulaic: somebody in the government said this, the opposition said that, and that is the story. I don’t think we can longer be content with two anecdotes and a couple of quotes.

We need better ways to engage audiences, and we need to show innovative ways to collect news about our communities. We need to inform, interest and entertain. The era of three quotes and a headline is over. So journalists would be wise to look at other areas of academic study that do inquiry, and learn.’

Data journalism already borders on social science and data science. If we use new methods of gathering information, we can use our time-tested storytelling ability to explain our findings to our public.

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By @RichardAfolabi

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