Give Your Life a Boost By Giving and Sharing

Few days ago, I was listening to John Paul Dejoria, an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products. In one of his interviews at Founders Forum organized by Inc.Com and one of the things he said that really resonated with me was about giving and sharing:

Success unshared is a failure…and sharing is giving. To actually show and prove your success, giving must be part of your culture.

Giving may be counter intuitive to many who do not understand the power of giving. Their argument always premise on, “how can you have more by giving what you have away?”

and it’s true, it’s counter intuitive. But you see, it’s been proven many times over that giving works!

It just works!

There may be many (religious or philosophical) explanations to why giving works but I’m not going to talk about that. What I hope to pass across is, no matter who you are, and the level of success you have achieved, your success is not complete yet if you have not or do not give to others.

One of the reasons, most African countries have not developed may just be that the countries simply do not give. We are contented with receiving aids from western countries while doing nothing with the given resources instead of alleviating poverty and eliminating viral diseases.

Individuals are not the only ones that are expected to give, companies and corporations are also expected to give back to the society and that’s what we call cooperate social responsibilities (CSR).

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Unfortunately, many companies in Nigeria do not engage in meaningful contributions to the society rather they spend their CRS budgets on frivolities and activities that do not improve the society and the lives of people that are enriching the company’s bank account.

Point is, the hand that begs and receives from others will always be at the bottom. So if you want to be at the top, start giving.




By @RichardAfolabi

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