How Young African Generation Can Achieve Success Through Courage

It is not your job to wait for that enabling environment, it is your historic responsibility to create it. It is your job to have the courage to make the changes that are necessary in your society.

It is not easy but the only way to achieve success in our country for ourselves and our children is if we are willing to take the necessary risk to take the danger not to hesitate and be bold.

If great and intelligent people refuse to participate and control public affairs, then they are condemned to be ruled by fools.

Being bold and not taking risk is achieved at many levels, but the people who started some of the world most successful companies are themselves very bold.

Take you own dream, act with boldness, don’t be afraid because it is the only way we can make this African century our own century so that in the next 25 years we would not be repeating the same words.

Be humble in your character, but be ambitious and arrogant in your dreams.

Hakeem Bello-Osagie is a 58-year old Nigerian businessman listed by Forbes as the 40th richest man in Africa. He’s an Harvard Business School-trained petroleum economist and Chairman of the Etisalat telecoms provider. He talked about how young African generation can achieve great success in their time through Courage and Fraternity.

By @RichardAfolabi

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