Keeping Your Day Job While Building Your StartUp

I just read a post by one of my new but very modest friend. He made some very insightful comments about the difficulty of building your startup on the side while keeping your day job.

Here’s an excerpt from his article:

Burning Hunger: Having a well paid job can actually make you lazy and take away the hunger to having a successful startup. If on the 24th of every month a substantial amount falls into your bank account with a loud bang, putting your all into a startup might not be topmost on your list of priorities. You might wake up after some years to discover that you have become a boring old fart with a receding hairline and your startup, still a pipe dream.

It’s worth a read.

Oh by the way, I found a hobby in reading Nigerian tech blogs. I just found out about Techloy.Com and Techcabal.Com. Maybe they can keep me abreast of tech devs at home.

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By @RichardAfolabi

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