Want Make a Successful StartUp? You Need these 12 Things

  1. Find existing problems before devising solutions. What pain do you or others have?
  2. Survey your competition. What are their strength, weaknesses and strategies.
  3. Have clear explanations for why you are better than your competition. It helps you prepare for how to convince your customers.
  4. Determine who will use your products. Make no assumptions. Be realistic. Talk about your idea to potential customers. Don’t worry about people stealing your idea. Truth is, people won’t steal it, because it takes to much time to implement good idea.
  5. Have an idea of how you would get your first client.
  6. Establish a 30 secs pitch. If you cannot explain it in 30secs, it’s probably too complex.
  7. How will you make money? What are your monetization plans? How will the business sustain itself?
  8. Mock up your website. Start with pencil and paper. Focus on user experience, usability, flow, pretty design and style.
  9. Get it programmed!
  10. Launch early. If you’re not embarrassed by your first release / launch, you’ve launched too late.
  11. Allow feedback easily. Put phone, email, forms, instant messaging etc.
  12. Gather user experience data. Use tools like ClickEgg.Com
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By @RichardAfolabi

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