Life Become More Meaningful When You Start Giving

 Now get this, it doesn’t matter what you give or share, be it your time, your money, skills, knowledge, advice, even smiles and attention, the important thing is – to give.

This is so important because when you share what you have with others, you become a better person and your life become more meaningful. Not only are you more responsible to yourself, you are also more responsible to your society and you are helping the world.

Now, to the bigger picture – When you give, you begin to experience an amazing sense of fulfillment that cannot be fully expressed in words.

Everyone must give back to our society

One sure way for our country and Africa at large to improve is for every Nigerian to realize that we need to develop and improve our giving culture.

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t have money, not even a job, how can I give back to the society. See, point is, money is not the only thing you can give. Here a three fabulous ways I think you can give back to our society:

Eradicate illiteracy, one child at a time

If you are a university graduate and you’re not giving back to the society, not helping those helpless kids on the street who would want to learn but do not have the means or exposure, then you are not fulfilling what the society expects of you.

One of the most fulfilling years of my life was 2005 when I went to the Katsina State (Northern part of Nigeria) for my youth service (NYSC). It broke my heart to see kids who knew nothing about computers and many who have never even seen one or touched one before.

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I organized a seven of my friends (Sola Akinrolabu, Iwunor Mary, Tope Oladotun, Edafewotu Endurance, Femi Dada, among others) serving together with me and we formed a new community development group called InfoTech corps (Read my last speech as Director of the group, 2005).


Start your small business

This is a hard one but I think the hard way may not only be the most exciting way but it just might be the best way. According to Wiki, unemployment in Nigeria is a generously modest 24% (which many of us know is not quite accurate) is still one of the highest in the world.

Everybody wants a white-collar job that unfortunately do not exist. There are simply no jobs. For every 1 advertised position in the dailies, there are over 500 applicants!

I once went for the second round of a job interview in Lagos, Nigeria sometimes in 2004. The number of people I saw there was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen in my life. Over 30,000 people came for the interview. 50,000+ candidates from top universities across the country at a single interview center… and that after the first round of screening.

Now you can imagine the sheer number of people who remain unemployed in the country.

Every young person in the country need to stop thinking about what the government or oil companies can do for them and start thinking of what they can do to help themselves and the local economy.

Let’s wake up and think. Think about your skills, what you can do. Is there a particular niche you are passionate about? Can just about anything.

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Take it online, create great values or share your skills. That’s how popular blogs like LindaIkeji and others started. … reminds me of my next point…


Employment seeking crowd

Ply your trade online

Many Nigerians are very skillful artist, cartoonist, singers among other skills. We need people who can create web apps and platforms that can allow users sell and market their skills and get paid.

We need to be decisive and take actions. To educate and enlighten our youth on how they can better help themselves to create an enduring economy that do not rely on oil but on knowledge economy.

We should motivate our youths, starting from our children – to engage their creativity, do something with their lives and improve their livelihood simply by looking inwards and around them.

In my next article, I will write about Five great ways Nigerian youths can benefit from the about-to-burst tech bubbles


By @RichardAfolabi

I'm a thinker, teacher, writer, Python enthusiast, Wireless Engineer, Web geek and a solid Chelsea FC Fan. I'm interested in data science, analytics, visualization and data intelligence. Feel free to get in touch.