Five great ways Nigerians can benefit from the about-to-burst tech bubbles

(Before you continue, make sure you read my first post where I talked about how my two years old daughter falls in love with an unknown Indian man! In this follow-up article, I shall be talking about how young folks like us can create innovative businesses that can transform our country and other African countries.)   After obtaining my college degree and a few months stints at Zenith Bank PLC, Nigeria, I decided to quit […]

Give Your Life a Boost By Giving and Sharing

Few days ago, I was listening to John Paul Dejoria, an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products. In one of his interviews at Founders Forum organized by Inc.Com and one of the things he said that really resonated with me was about giving and sharing: Success unshared is a failure…and sharing is giving. To actually show and prove your success, giving must be […]

Why Public Video Surveillance in Nigeria is Still a Joke

The federal republic of Nigeria has concluded arrangements to install 10,000 units of video surveillance cameras on Nigerian highways. The plan is to use the security equipment as a channel to curb insecurity and crime on Nigerian roads. As noble as this plan is, many people believe video surveillance in Nigeria is another white elephant project which would enrich a few people and allow them to embezzle public funds. This news has generated a lot of buzz online and many […]