Dear Dumb Venture Capitalist

I would say you know who you are, but by definition you don’t. After all, the average person thinks they are an above average driver. So read this to see if you meet the criteria: You don’t realize you are going out of business I don’t know the exact math, but I hear it again and again: the top 2% of firms generate 98% of the returns in venture capital. Once you’ve raised a fund […]

Email Etiquette for all Startup CEOs

There are many things CEOs care about, but arguably one of the most important things is their time. Whether they are running a Fortune 500 company or a startup company, CEOs have a lot on their plate and in a global economy every second counts. When I first entered the startup world I wrote novel-like emails to my team members. This ended in long drawn out email chains that took up a great majority of my […]

Information is Power – Confessions of a Millionaire

Information is the currency of today’s world. Those who control information are the most powerful people on the planet – and the ones with the most bulging bank accounts. The timely delivery of vital information is one of the most lucrative businesses you can have in this new millennium. I should know. I started one of the most successful information brokerage businesses in the country. I’m also perhaps the world’s  most well known information broker, […]

Want Make a Successful StartUp? You Need these 12 Things

Find existing problems before devising solutions. What pain do you or others have? Survey your competition. What are their strength, weaknesses and strategies. Have clear explanations for why you are better than your competition. It helps you prepare for how to convince your customers. Determine who will use your products. Make no assumptions. Be realistic. Talk about your idea to potential customers. Don’t worry about people stealing your idea. Truth is, people won’t steal it, […]

Keeping Your Day Job While Building Your StartUp

I just read a post by one of my new but very modest friend. He made some very insightful comments about the difficulty of building your startup on the side while keeping your day job. Here’s an excerpt from his article: Burning Hunger: Having a well paid job can actually make you lazy and take away the hunger to having a successful startup. If on the 24th of every month a substantial amount falls into […]