Current Personal Projects

Non-Invasive Blood Test using IoT Smart Device

Diabetes and anemia are two disease domains leading to blindness, heart attack, kidney failure and represent a good fit for utilizing PHM devices.

On average, a diabetic patient lances up to 2,000 times a year!

shutterstock_glucose-stripsPatients need to test their blood quite often and the standard procedure involves a lancing device to prick the finger, extract blood sample, stain a test strip and carry out the test.

This process is invasive, painful and uncomfortable.

Fast, accurate and painless blood test without needle pricks

  • We are building a stripless, non-invasive way of calculating the glucose and hemoglobin content of a patient’s blood based on the electrical properties of the blood without using a lancing device.
  • TURAQO MED-X does not require extraction of blood or any other body fluid to determine the diabetic and anemic status of the patient. It is comfortable and non-invasive.
  • It is based on the electrical properties of the blood that are inferred from virtual sensors based on optical lenses rather than being dependent on chemical reaction on test strips.

Development of a self-monitored, IoT-enabled, cloud-based intelligent home automation & security system

Most African homes have been victims of crime, burglary and kidnapping. Many of these problems occur because people are disconnected from their homes when they’re away. My goal is to reconnect people to their environment, establish an always-on connectivity between residents and their homes or business and give them absolute control on their environment through intelligent home automation systems.

All-in-one smart sensor-based surveillance systems that can learn, adapt and make informed decisions.


I’m considering possibility of leveraging the explosive growth of the Internet-of-things platform to develop an all-in-one smart sensor-based surveillance system that can adapt to the African homes. Broadband internet penetration is still low in many African (developing) countries, therefore, the system is expected to be bandwidth-aware and adaptively transmit image or scalable video. I’m also considering other value-added services. The project shall leverage Internet of things technology, cloud computing, smart sensors and advanced signal processing techniques.

These are all personal side projects I’m currently working on and actively thinking about. It’s an interesting mix of research and implementation. The goal is to develop a working prototype that can be demonstrated.