Research Areas

Resource Optimization in Multimedia Multicasting

Project Description

Multicasting is emerging as an enabling technology for multimedia transmissions over wireless networks to support several groups of users with flexible quality of service (QoS) requirements. Although multicast has huge potential to push the limits of next generation communication systems; it is however one of the most challenging issues currently being addressed.

Our goal in this project was to develop 1.) an energy efficient scheduling and resource allocation scheme, 2.) effective multicast group transmission rate determination strategies, 3.) Optimal multicast group considering several optimization constraints. This project involves sound understanding of wireless communications, several optimization methods, proficiency in mathematical and numerical tools like Mathematica, MATLAB and Python programming

I've published some technical papers!

Physical Layer Security in Cognitive Radio Networks

Project Description

Since Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) is gaining increased popularity as an extremely promising wireless technology that can alleviate the apparent spectrum scarcity and support innovative wireless applications; they will become bigger targets for hackers. Moreover, they will also be exposed to diverse security threats especially at the PHY-layer spectrum sensing module.

Hence, security consideration is central in its development. In this project, we investigate how practical physical layer security mechanisms can be incorporated into future cognitive radio systems to mitigate against a special form of vulnerability known as Incumbent Emulation Attacks. This project involve deep understanding on digital signal processing, cognitive radio fundamentals, waveform analysis, pattern recognition and programming. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Aftab Ahmad, Computer Science Dept, Norfolk State University, USA.

Channel-Aware Routing Protocol For Smart Grid

Project Description

World economy and daily human activities strongly depends on electricity. The world is currently producing and using more electricity than ever. However, the grids that deliver the electrical system is aging and under increasing stress to deliver more thus creating urgent problem. This problems can have untold effect on environment, security, and economy. A smart solution is a smart modern grid application system with Two-way communications for which routing of clean, green, reliable electricity is critical.

In this project, our goal is to design a channel aware routing protocol for this smart grid application. This involve modelling of smart meters, smart homes, communication powerline, intelligent sensing and measurement applications among others. The project involve sound understanding of smart grid systems, network routing, OPNET modeller and C++ programming. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Yoohwan Kim, College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.