Best advice for 20 something year old I’ve ever read

This is the best advice for 20 something I recently came across while reading some random articles online. It really got me thinking. Undoubtedly, these advises rank among the top tips I wished I knew when I was younger… well, never late than never. It’s a tongue in cheek graduation speech written by Marry Theresa Schimich thirty or forty years ago.  Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh never mind; you will not understand the […]

How Young African Generation Can Achieve Success Through Courage

It is not your job to wait for that enabling environment, it is your historic responsibility to create it. It is your job to have the courage to make the changes that are necessary in your society. It is not easy but the only way to achieve success in our country for ourselves and our children is if we are willing to take the necessary risk to take the danger not to hesitate and be […]