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Top 10 smoking hot technology trends to watch in 2015

First quarter of 2015 is also gone (so stop celebrating the new year already). The top 2015 technology trends and predictions are out. Here at the smoking hot tech trends we expect to make waves and possibly hit the shelves in the next couple of months and beyond. You’ve probably heard of a few of them while one or two may sound strange and radical. 1.)   5G Communication Systems As the next step in […]

Dear Dumb Venture Capitalist

I would say you know who you are, but by definition you don’t. After all, the average person thinks they are an above average driver. So read this to see if you meet the criteria: You don’t realize you are going out of business I don’t know the exact math, but I hear it again and again: the top 2% of firms generate 98% of the returns in venture capital. Once you’ve raised a fund […]