Top 10 smoking hot technology trends to watch in 2015

First quarter of 2015 is also gone (so stop celebrating the new year already). The top 2015 technology trends and predictions are out. Here at the smoking hot tech trends we expect to make waves and possibly hit the shelves in the next couple of months and beyond. You’ve probably heard of a few of them while one or two may sound strange and radical. 1.)   5G Communication Systems As the next step in […]

The Sweat, Sorrow and Sweetness of my PhD Journey

So, it’s been a long time a wrote a blog post. But I’m embarking on an interesting journey (which I’ll explain later in the next post) which I have decided to write about as I proceed. So my chain of thought may be somewhat all over the place as I write this blog post but I hope you won’t mind.   On 15th December 2014, 1800hr, I submitted my PhD dissertation to the department staff […]

Academic Research is Like a Swimming Duck

Academic Research is like a swimming duck. Appearing smooth and settled on the water, but paddling furiously under the water. Nobody sees the stressful paddle but everyone gleefully admires its graceful glides on the water. Nobody sees the numerous rejection letters, the sleepless nights, and times you almost quit the race… all that matters is how you finish… remember to keep smiling through it all.

Complaining about the unfairness of life is the best way to fail at it

Life isn’t fair. Everyone hears that statement from the time they’re in diapers but even so, many people pretend it isn’t so.  Rather than accept that simple reality, they go on and on about “equality of opportunity,” “equality of outcome,” and “meritocracies.” But life isn’t fair. Some people are born into rich families; some aren’t.  Some people are born smart; some aren’t. Some can get a great education; some can’t. Some people have supportive friends and family; […]